Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change is real and it’s happening here and now. Delay to take actions will increase risks and decrease the number of options to address those risks.

We need to make informed choices to reduce risk for ourselves and the generations to come and be able to adapt to the changes that come with the changing climate.

It is our responsibility, as the main cause of climate change, to change our ways that are affecting the well-being of our planet.

To limit the effects of climate change, the most important solution is to control the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The United States is accountable for almost half of the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions present in the atmosphere and is responsible for 20% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, in spite of having only 5% of the world population.

As other nations continue to develop, their emissions will also grow. So, it is necessary to reduce emissions all over the world to avert the changing climate.

climate change rally

Measures to reduce CO2 emissions

Mitigate demand for goods and services which require more energy
Programs and campaigns can be organized to influence user behavior and choices. The dependence on petroleum products should be limited.

Turn to renewable energy sources
Use of fossil fuels such as coal can be minimized by the use of clean energy. Renewable sources like hydropower, solar, geo-thermal, biomass and wind should be considered.

renewable resources

Improve the efficiency of the energy used
Energy efficient methods should be used for processes such as heating, lighting, insulating and cooling and purchase of more efficient equipment and home appliances should be encouraged.

Capture and sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide
Natural sinks such as forests, oceans and soils, that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, should be enhanced.

carbon capture and storage

Capturing and using methane to produce electricity

Methane is also an important greenhouse gas and traps significantly more amount of heat than carbon dioxide.

It can be obtained from landfills – after waste decomposes and then it can be directed to produce electricity and heat. This method has been growing popular in the United States and has the potential to power hundreds of thousands of homes.

landfill gas extraction

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The three R’s of sustainability are very important measures to be taken in climate change mitigation. The process of reducing, reusing and recycle help in reducing the addition of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

We need to consume less and increase efficiency of products. Reusing also helps in reducing the amount of goods and products that we use. The practice of recycling should be adopted in every home.

reduce, reuse and recycle

Promote Green Driving

Emissions from vehicles account for one-third of greenhouse gases emissions in the United States.

We should use fuel-efficient cars which have very low emissions. Moreover, there are now several alternatives to diesel and gasoline powered transportation. Electric vehicles should be widely promoted in the market and should be made economic. Nowadays, hybrid-electric vehicles are also attracting attention of eco-concious people.

Use electric car to promote green driving