Dimensional Formula of Charge

The dimensional formula of Charge is 

[ M0  L0  T1 A1 ]

where [M], [L], [T], and [A] are the fundamental quantities: Mass, Length, Time, and Ampere.

From the above formula, the dimensions of charge are (0, 0, 1, 1).

How to calculate the dimensional formula of charge?

We can use the mathematical formula of charge to derive its dimensional formula.

  Charge = Current * time

Dimensionally, we use [A] to represent current and [T] for time.

  Charge = [A] * [T].

Also, it doesn’t have fundamental quantities, mass, and length, so we can use [M0] and [L0] which means 1. Now the formula becomes

  Charge = [M0] * [L0] * [T1] * [A1]

Hence, the dimensional equation of Charge is q = [ M0 L0 T1 A1 ].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the dimensional formula of Coulomb?

Coulomb is not a separate physical quantity, instead, it’s the SI unit of charge. Hence, it will have the same dimensional formula as the charge, [ M0 L0 T1 A1 ].

2. What is the dimensional formula of electric charge?

Electric charge and charge are the same, so they have the same dimensional formula.

3. What is the dimensions of q?

q is the symbol of charge, so the dimensions of q are (0, 0, 1, 1) in terms of mass, length, time, and ampere.

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